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Invasion of Privacy is a Red Flag

Updated: Nov 17, 2023

Disregarding boundaries by snooping on someone’s phone, demanding passwords, or showing up uninvited are controlling behaviors.

Invading another person's privacy is a red flag.

  • If you feel like you need to go through someone's phone because you cannot talk to your partner about concerns you have, you need to re-examine your relationship.

  • Showing up uninvited may seem romantic, or like someone is "just checking in," but it also makes the person feel like they are never truly alone or able to decompress separately from you. Everyone needs time to themselves.

Respect healthy boundaries, your partner's autonomy and independence, and all forms of consent (not just sexual!) in your relationship. That's What's Healthy!

Our video series, That's What's Healthy, aims to educate people on the red flags of unhealthy relationships that pop up before the behavior escalates into abuse. Visit our YouTube channel or blog for more videos on red flags.

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