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Possessiveness is a Red Flag

Updated: Nov 17, 2023

Jealousy, insecurity, and unfounded mistrust are signs you may have a possessive partner.

Signs someone may be possessive include:

  • Being upset and feeling threatened when their partner texts or hangs out with friends

  • Wrongly accusing their partner of flirting /cheating

  • Constantly wanting to be in contact and becoming irate when the partner doesn't text or call back quickly

  • Controlling how their partner dresses (for example, if someone wants to go out wearing something that shows skin, the possessive partner might become irrationally angry and accuse them of wanting others' attention)

  • Stalking behavior or showing up uninvited

Healthy relationships require mutual trust and confidence in each other. That's what's healthy!

Our video series, That's What's Healthy, aims to educate people on the red flags of unhealthy relationships that pop up before the behavior escalates into abuse. Visit our YouTube channel or blog for more videos on red flags.

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