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Logo for Claire's Community, an Interpersonal Violence Prevention program

About Claire's Community

Claire’s Community is a violence prevention program that teaches safe and healthy relationship skills throughout the lifespan, engages influential adults and peers, disrupts pathways to relationship violence, and creates protective, safe communities.

We will rise up as a  community to work toward a safer, kinder world for us all

It will take all of us to create a community where everyone has safe and supportive relationships. That’s why Claire’s Community offers a variety of relationship violence prevention programs and resources for youth and adults that will equip everyone to stop interpersonal violence before it begins.

Image by Hannah Busing

What We Value

The inherent equality and worth of all individuals.

The strength and power of individuals to make their own life choices.
The right of every individual to a safe and just environment.

Community accountability and recognition to eliminate the root causes of violence.

The integrity of our organizational practices.
Responding to community need with vision, creativity and courageous leadership.
The hands of two people holding each other across a table in support

 20 per   minute 

the number of people physically abused by an intimate partner in the United States.

What we intend to do about it

We envision a community where everyone enjoys safe, supportive relationships in which they can thrive. Where no one is a victim – or perpetrator – of interpersonal violence. It’s a big dream, we know. But prevention is possible. As we educate and empower individuals of all ages to build healthy, respectful, nonviolent relationships, it will have a powerful ripple effect that brings transformative change to our community.

Claire’s Community Uses a Proven Approach.


Claire’s Community follows the Center for Disease Controls’ comprehensive approach to preventing relationship violence by addressing risk and protective factors at multiple levels: individual, peer and family, community, and societal. This broad approach employs multi-sector interventions designed to create a social and physical environment where harmful behaviors are less likely and healthy behaviors are encouraged and supported.


The strategies employed by Claire’s Community are based on the best available evidence to help our community focus on prevention activities that have a proven record to prevent relationship violence and its consequences across the lifespan. 

Image of Claire VanLandingham smiling in Navy uniform

Honoring Claire’s legacy

LT Dr. Claire VanLandingham was a shining star, a dentist in the US Navy who poured her passion and energy into the people and causes she believed in. In January 2018, she was killed by a former partner. Her passing left a vacuum in the lives of those who knew and loved her. So in May 2018, Claire’s mother, Shannon VanLandingham, and others who knew and loved Claire founded #BeMoreLikeClaire to carry on the transformative work Claire most surely would have done in her life. 

Claire lived her life around a set of values that are now the guiding principles for everything we do at #BeMoreLikeClaire:

  • All people should have access to healthy food.

  • All people should have access to holistic and comprehensive health care.

  • All people should have access to housing that is safe and affordable.

  • All relationships should be free from cruelty and built on trust and respect.

  • Positive, caring role models and mentors transform lives.

  • The Earth and its resources should be protected and respected.

The #BeMoreLikeClaire Team

Shannon VanLandingham

Executive Director, Founder of #BeMoreLikeClaire

Shannon brings a lifetime of experience in leadership and non-profit volunteering. Throughout her life she has served as a trainer, facilitator, and educator, while organizing leadership programs, planning events, and honing her skills in fundraising for good causes. She loves her family and friends, music, big laughs, and finding the right person for the job. Working to continue her daughter's legacy of love and service is helping her find healing for her shattered heart.

Nicole Malcom

Outreach and Outreach Coordinator

Nicole is returning to Kansas with her husband from South Dakota to be closer to family. She comes to us with a Bachelor of Science in Human Resource Management, an Associate in Accounting, and a Certification in Meeting Planning. Her extensive career within non-profits includes over 10 years with operations, project management, contract negotiations, marketing, brand awareness, event planning, website re-design, and mobile app development.  Nicole additionally has experience with education credentialing, association policies, accounting, and human resources.  As a current member of the Sioux Empire Pride Sports Association. (SEPSA), she has a strong sense of inclusivity for everyone and is ecstatic about helping #BeMoreLikeClaire continue to flourish and grow.

Image of Phyllis Stadley
Phyllis Stadley

Office Administrator

Phyllis came to #BeMoreLikeClaire because she did not just want a “job” but to make a difference and be a blessing to others. She comes to us with a degree in Organizational Management and Leadership from Friends University and significant experience balancing budgets of over a million dollars, creating databases, organizing events, administering grants, doing payroll, and helping with publicity. She finds joy in supporting the staff and feels her job is to make others’ jobs easier. She also shares #BMLC’s belief that everyone deserves to be treated with kindness and respect. She believes this organization is one where she can thrive and help other people succeed and thrive as well. 
In her spare time, Phyllis and her husband like to go to car shows and do home improvements. She also loves doting on her little Yorkie dog, gardening, painting, being an amateur photographer, and playing the ukulele.

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