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Get Involved

There are a lot of ways to get involved with us and our mission, from getting better educated by participating in our programs and trainings to volunteering.

Ways to Connect with Us:

Social Media

Spread the word! Tell your friends and family what is happening here at Claire’s Community and! Share on our Instagram and Facebook pages and use the hashtags #BeMoreLikeClaire and #ClairesCommunity #PreventionIsPossible so we can cheer you on. We are so glad you are here!

Learn about hosting a Facebook fundraiser here to support #BeMoreLike​Claire.

Email Us

We would love to hear how you're finding ways to promote healthy relationships and bust myths about relationship violence. Please tell us! Email us at


Sign up for our Newsletter to stay informed about all things #BeMoreLikeClaire and Claire's Community!

Attend an Event

Attend one of #BeMoreLikeClaire's annual events, like the Give Back Bash or Candlelight Vigil for Domestic Violence Awareness!

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Are you interested in getting involved in another way?

Contact us if you are thinking of hosting a fundraiser, or if you have other ideas about how you would like to be involved.


NOTE: If you would like to plan an event, use Claire's name or the #BeMoreLikeClaire hashtag, contact us for permission.

Educate Yourself

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