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Claire's Community Logo

No one should ever be the victim — or perpetrator — of relationship violence. Prevention is possible.

Claire's Community Logo

A comprehensive relationship violence prevention program.

Claire’s Community offers a suite of violence prevention programs to teach safe and healthy relationship skills; engage and equip influential adults and peers; disrupt pathways to relationship violence; and create proactive, protective, and safe communities.


We envision a community where everyone enjoys safe, supportive relationships in which they can thrive and where no one is a victim — or perpetrator — of interpersonal violence. It's a big dream, we know. But prevention is possible. Educating and empowering individuals of all ages to build healthy, respectful, nonviolent relationships has a powerful ripple effect that brings transformative change to our community.

Claire's Community Program participants

Our Programs

  • Educate participants about interpersonal violence 

  • Prevent relationship violence from occurring  

  • Reduce the long-lasting impact of intimate partner violence 

  • Disrupt societal forces that perpetuate relationship violence

  • Build stronger families 

  • Create positive connections between us all

  • Meet people and organizations where they are, literally and figuratively

Mission: To challenge and disrupt societal norms around relationship violence through education and awareness.

Vision: Empowered communities that foster healthy relationships in safe and protective environments. 

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Research has shown that community education & advocacy works.

“Promoting healthy, respectful, and nonviolent relationships and communities can help reduce the occurrence of intimate partner violence. It also can prevent the harmful and long-lasting effects of intimate partner violence on individuals, families, and communities.”

- Preventing Intimate Partner Violence, 2021

Be More Like Claire Logo

Claire’s Community is an initiative of #BeMoreLikeClaire

#BeMoreLikeClaire is a nonprofit organization that harnesses the power of collective generosity to improve the quality of life for all. In all we do, our goal is to carry on the legacy of Claire VanLandingham, for whom the organization is named:  Be Kind • Work Hard • Give Back.

Learn More About Intimate Partner Violence and Prevention

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