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About the Askable Adult Campaign

When surveyed, children and youth identified an array of concerns that cause them stress in their everyday lives—including drug and alcohol use, poverty, sexism and harassment, body shaming and bullying, and homophobia and transphobia.

When asked what would help, young people said that the number one solution would be more adults they can confide in their lives.

Children and youth are more resilient to stress and adversity when in meaningful relationships with at least one trusting affirming adult. This is especially critical for young people working to develop a positive sense of self in a culture that often devalues them based on their identity, ability, background, or status.

There are several risk factors for being a victim or perpetrator of relationship violence that can be addressed and amended early in life. Having an askable adult gives youth a safe space to talk about these things, feel heard, and be given gentle guidance when they want it. These relationships can change the course of the youths' lives.

Equipping adults to be more askable and supportive for children and youth supports healing and resiliency for all youth, including those who’ve experienced trauma and toxic stress.

Visit the Askable Adult Campaign section of our website for more information, or sign up and learn to be the best possible support for the youth in your life!

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