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Isolation is a Red Flag

Isolation in a relationship happens when someone keeps you away from friends, family, or other people in your life.

This behavior often starts slowly with someone asking you to spend more one-on-one time with them but can later escalate to demands that you don’t see certain people.

One of the main dangers here is a lack of outside input on your partner's behavior. Abuse and mistreatment can easily become internalized and routine if no outside parties can observe or comment on the way your partner is treating you. If your friends or family do comment on the escalating isolation or say your relationship is unhealthy, your partner may double down, saying they just don't want you to be together, that they're bad for you, or that they don't care about you. They may make you choose between them and your friends and family. They may make you feel like they are the only person on your side.

If you are experiencing isolation, you may feel like you depend on your partner for love, money, or acceptance. Finding a balance of time with family, friends, and your partner is crucial for a healthy relationship.

Our video series, That's What's Healthy, aims to educate people on the red flags of unhealthy relationships that pop up before the behavior escalates into abuse. Visit our YouTube channel or blog for more videos on red flags.

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