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Prevention is Possible: An Interview with Shannon VanLandingham

Despite #BeMoreLikeClaire's tragic origin story, the woman behind this small-but-mighty nonprofit is full of hope for the future and determined to do everything she can to prevent the violence that took her daughter's life.

This podcast is only 20 minutes long, so you can learn about Claire's Community while you clean up around the house, take a walk, or get cozy with a cup of tea. We promise it's worth your time!

On this episode of the NNLM Discovery podcast, Region 3’s Community Engagement Coordinator, Margie Sheppard, discusses a new program funded over the last year called Claire’s Community, which is trying to inform and educate the public about relationship violence. Margie interviews Shannon VanLandingham, Claire’s mother and executive Director of #BeMoreLikeClaire. Although this story is born of tragedy and discusses Claire’s murder, this story leads to a discussion about building healthy, respectful, and nonviolent relationships. This is a positive story of hope and resilience.

A 2022 grant from the Network of the National Library of Medicine (NNLM) funded this website. We are so grateful for the support they've given us and their belief in the importance of our mission.

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