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Defining Consent

Use the acronym FRIES as an easy way to remember the five key aspects of consent.

Freely Given:

When consent is freely given, this indicates no coercion is involved, and the person agrees to the particular activity of their own free will.


Consent is always reversible, which means that a person may agree to an activity earlier in the day or week and then realize that they no longer want to proceed. If someone reverses their decision to partake in an activity, that does not mean to guilt them into proceeding. Their decision to stop should be respected!


Consent is always informed, which means knowing exactly what will happen before, during, and after the activity.


This is important when getting consent because only “yes” means “yes.” If there is any uncertainty or hesitation, then stop.


This means being firm in setting boundaries and clarifying what you will or will not engage in.

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